Covestro Announced that the Supply of MDI, TDI and PC Units in North America Encountered Force Majeure
Wanhua Officially Announce the Completion of Wanhua Yantai MDI Capacity Expand
PO&PPG Market Under Cold Wave in the US
Cold-Wave in US Intensify MDI & TDI Supply-demand Contradiction
Hexanediamine Encounters Force Majeure, Making it Difficult to Find Goods Source in HDI Market
Covestro announced that the supply of MDI, TDI and PC units in North America encountered force majeure...
On the evening of February 24, 2021, Wanhua Chemical issued an announcement: the original capacity of MDI device in Yantai Industrial Park of Wanhua Chemical was 600,000 tons/year. Through technical transformation, the company recently completed the technical transformation and expansion capacity from...
PUdaily,Shanghai -- According to the National Meteorological Administration, the URI snowstorm will bring "unprecedented" extremely cold weather. Texas was declared a state of emergency on last Sunday...
The US Gulf Coast is composed of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. In the past week, the Gulf had been hit by rare severe winter storm and ultra-low temperatures. The production and operation of MDI and TDI plants located in these areas as below were seriously affected...
Affected by the polar cold current, extreme weather such as snowfall...

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