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2021 China Polymeric MDI Import & Export Brief
A summary of China's PO market in 2021
2021 Global & China MDI Market Review (Brief)
With upward momentum losing steam, PPG market in December declined continuously
China Polymeric MDI Keeps Increasing in Early of this January
According to the latest data released by China Customs, in December 2021, China's polymeric MDI export volume was 74,654 tons, +7.7% y-o-y growth while 4.7% m-o-m drop. From Jan to Dec 2021, the cumulative export volume of China's polymeric MDI was...
A review of propylene oxide market As a downstream product of propylene, PO (propylene oxide) is a petrochemical that has won government’s policy support and also an important raw material for producing new polyurethane materials and fine chemicals. In 2021, some plants were permanently closed, including those adopting chlorohydrination process, which were owned by Tianjin Dagu Chemical and Fujian Meizhouwan Chlor-Alkali Chemical Industry. Meanwhile...
Global MDI Supply In 2021, the global MDI new / expanded capacity is put into operation, with an annual output of 700,000 tons and a total annual capacity of 9.74 million tons. By region, more than half of the global production capacity is concentrated in Asia (accounts for 52%), 27% in Europe and 17% in the Americas.
At the beginning of December, the domestic propylene oxide market held steady for several days on end. Most PO manufacturers eased their inventory pressure by lowering production loads. Jishen Chemical Industry, Sinopec Changling Refining and Chemical and Quanlian performed maintenance. Hongbaoli increased its production load to 80%. All this led to a relatively low industry operating rate...
This week, after the New Year's Day holiday, due to the tight supply of spot goods, the Chinese traders kept reluctant to sell and firmly increased their offers. The market price of polymeric MDI in China moved up from RMB 20,200-20,300/ton on Dec 31, 2021 to RMB 21,300-21,500/ton on Jan 7, 2022.Before it, from Dec 1 to 7 2021, due to...

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