The COVID-19 epidemic causes split in the U.S. mattress industry?
Short-term Opportunity Presented to Helmet Industry
Use and Market of PU Catalysts
China’s Automotive Consumption is Recovering
Why the domestic TDI market rallied recently?
In mid-April, PUdaily reported that some U.S. mattress manufacturers filed anti-dumping petitions against mattress imports from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- According to the website news published by the Ministry of Public Security on April 21, in order to enhance the protection of motorcyclists, electric bicycle riders and car drivers, and significantly reduce the death toll from traffic accidents, the Traffic Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security planned to launch the nationwide "wearing helmet and safety belt" campaign...
There are more than 200 catalysts that can be used in polyurethane synthesis, over 20 of which are commonly used. These commonly used catalysts can be divided into two categories, namely, tertiary amines and organometallics……
Pudaily, Shanghai -- According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in April the production and sales volume of automobiles in China showed a sign of recovery as the COVID-19 epidemic was brought under control. In the month, the output and sales volume of automobiles reached 2.102 million and 2.07 million units respectively, up 46.6% and 43.5% month on month, and 2.3% and 4.4% year on year...
After the May-Day holiday, domestic TDI price rose sharply. On May 12, spot offer for Shanghai...

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