Information on Tianjin Bohai Chemical’s Fuel Oil Treatment Plant
Interview with President of Europur— Transcending Geographical Limits and Seeking Win-Win Cooperation
China's TDI Exports in H1
BDO Price is under Consolidation as BDO Demand Remains Sluggish
Automobile Industry is Suffering Another Blow Faced with Adversity
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Recently, Tianjin Dagu Chemical released the “Environmental Impact Assessment Report on the Fuel Oil (derived from PO Production) Treatment Plant under...
PUdaily, Shanghai- "I hope that the Europur will work with China Polyurethane Industry Association to enhance their cooperation and promote the development of the polyurethane industry." This is a vision outlined for the PU industry by Bart J. ten Brink, the President of Europur, at the UTECH Asia/PU China 2019, which ended on September 7.
Analyze China's TDI Exports from different angles in excels and graphs, including: 1. Exports through different customs. 2. Modes of trade. 3. Export destinations (by continent; in tons). 4. Export destinations (by country or region)
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Status of facilities in the industry: Plants undergoing turnaround from June to July had been restarted successively. Shanhua Chemical’s briefly shut down its plant from August 9 to 13 to change the catalyst. Sichuan Tianhua shut down its facility in mid-August to perform maintenance and change the catalyst. On August 13, Lnner Mongolia Dongyuan Scien Tech shut down its plant for overhaul , which is expected to last for about 25 days. The overall operating rate of domestic BDO facilities stood at about 50%, making the supply tight. The manufacturers had the intention to boost price...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- The escalation of trade conflict between China and the United States, which impacts numerous sectors, is attracting the world’s attention. Having a bumpy ride, this year China’s automobile market has experienced many unexpected setbacks. Many automobiles and auto parts manufacturers, at the forefront of shifting market landscape and industrial restructuring and upgrading, are facing severe challenges...

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