How is the Prospect for PO Production?
Wanhua’s Pursuit of Reform—An Exemplar of China's State-owned Enterprise Reform
How to Classify PU Products while Sorting Waste?
Do You Want a Functional and Interesting Soft Light?
How will U.S. Affirmative Preliminary Antidumping Determination on Mattresses from China Impact China’s Mattress Market?
At the end of March, a serious fire and explosion accident occurred in a chemical industrial park in Xiangshui County. The issues of safety and environmental protection faced by the chemical industry again attracted the public’s attention. The Jiangsu Provincial Government made a major decision to completely close the industrial park. Then in April, it officially released the Plan of Jiangsu Province on Rectifying Safety and Environmental Problems in Chemical Industry. Under the guidance of the three overall objectives, namely radically improving intrinsic safety, obviously optimizing regional layout and substantially reducing obsolete capacities, the government set clear standards and strict timetable, which deeply shocked the chemical industry in Jiangsu...
Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., which is as old as China's reform and opening up policy, at first was a traditional state-owned enterprise that specialized in producing synthetic leather. With its capacity for technological innovation growing from scratch and then from weak to strong, the Group has developed into a modern large enterprise leading the global MDI industry. It has blazed a remarkable path of reform and development with Chinese characteristics for building modern state-owned enterprises...
With the advancement of urbanization, one of the biggest problems facing cities is waste disposal. Waste is produced in people's daily life. However, some of these waste is in fact valuable resources. Recycling these waste can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also turn them into things of value. Many big cities have launched waste sorting campaigns, aiming to help people learn to classify waste into recyclable waste, harmful waste and other types of waste. Then through more scientific management and treatment, these wastes can be recycled...
Simon Frambach is a German designer specialized in designing household products. In an interview, he said, "a minor modification can change the overall concept of articles in our daily life. Such a design is really fascinating." Maybe it is under the guidance of this design philosophy that he has been committed to bringing better experience to people's daily life with simple but elaborate design...
The government department said in the statement that it found that Chinese exporters had dumped mattresses in the United States at margins ranging from 38.56% to 1,731.75%. It is estimated that in 2017 America imported $436.5 million worth of mattresses from China. According to the determination, the Department of Commerce will instruct the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect cash deposit from Chinese mattress importers based on the above rates...

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