Another Great Success in DIAMOND MINING! GET Fexy Polyurethane Screens Beat the Competition at ALROSA
2018-07-06    [Source:EUROGOMMA]

After the tremendous success at De Beers Namibia the Eurogomma’s patented screening system GET flexy has given another great proof of its value at one of the Mirny diamond mines of Alrosa , the World leader in diamond mining.

When Evgeny Goryunov, the technical Director of the ore dressing plant N.16 of Nyubirsky GOK, part of the Alrosa diamond mining group, was contacted by Anna Bruy, the Sale Manager of Eurogomma Russia, with the information that Eurogomma could offer a screening product giving guarantee of non-blinding and high productivity with every kind of material he could hardly trust her words.

So, he took a very reasonable decision:
He called Eurogomma into a trial to prove the value of our unique GET flexy screen panels.

The trial was a success giving complete satisfaction to Mr. Goryunov and here we are to let you know about:

-Material type - concentrate of heavy medium separation, milled kimberlite ore.

-Max feed size - 6 mm.

-Hour tonnage - up to 2 tn/h.

-Bulk density 3.1>3.4 tn/m3

-Screen deck parameters: 830x3000mm – 0° inclination

-Screening apertures characteristics: 2,8mm Superflow design

Problem before us: the apertures of standard PU panels from another Supplier were blinded with sharp stones. This problem translated into screening efficiency reduction and caused loss of ferrosilicium with consistent overflow.

The benefits offered by GET flexy: the problem of blinding is almost disappeared and as a result the client has increased screening efficiency and reduced the ferrosilicium loss.

In fact the output has increased of more than 20% and +3mm material under the deck has reduced from 0,385% to 0,018%

Additional benefits of GET flexy:
1. No more maintenance to clean the deck and release the stuck stones from the blinded apertures saving time and avoiding production stops.

2. Replacement of our GET Flexy screen panels is easier than the previous system and this is very important considering the space-limited environment on the screen deck.

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