CHINAPLAS 2019: BASF and Partners Create “Building of the Future” to Promote Sustainable Construction in China
2019-05-10    [Source:BASF]

Life-size model house features innovative solutions for energy efficient construction, extended building life span, and lower maintenance costs

BASF at CHINAPLAS 2019: Booth no. 11.2A41, China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China, May 21-24

At CHINAPLAS 2019, BASF will create a new vision for the construction industry with the “Building of the Future,” a life-size model house co-created with Shanghai Landleaf Architecture Technology Co., Ltd (Landleaf) and the Passive House Alliance China (PHAChina).

“Together with our partners, we are bringing sustainable construction to life through this model house. We demonstrate how we can future-proof our buildings with more sustainable construction materials,” said Larsen Kolberg, Head of Business Management, Construction Industry, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF. “Visitors to the model house will enjoy an immersive experience, from walls formed with high-performance insulation and energy-efficient door frames, to a bathroom with water running from durable sanitary parts onto water-permeable surfaces,” he added.

High-performance insulation for optimized space and increased flexibility

Featured on the wall of the model house is BASF’s high-performance insulation materials SLENTEX®. With a λD value of 19 mW/m • K, the material achieves much lower thermal conductivity than conventional insulation materials.

“Landleaf is a well-known construction company in China, specializing in green construction, technologies and consulting,” said Xiao Yue Ping, Vice President of RASA (Research Academy of Sustainable Architecture). “In addition to thermal conductivity, there is also an increasing demand for fire-resistant insulation materials for high-rise buildings. Builders in China are looking for grade A insulation materials that are lightweight and also have low thermal conductivity and low water absorption. BASF’s novel material SLENTEX, which is extra-slim and non-combustible, enables the industry to meet most of these requirements and maximize the use of scarce and often expensive construction space in cities across Asia.”

Another key insulation material showcased in the model house is Elastopir®. The improved fire protection properties help customers meet demands for safer fire-resistant composite panels for buildings in China.

Energy efficient plastics for improved durability and cost savings

Made of Ultramid® PA plastics, the shower head on display in the house replaces metal parts, helping users achieve cost savings through easy molding processes, and meet global drinking water approvals while retaining high stiffness.

The water-permeable Elastopave® can be used as the surface of roads and pavements to support urban Low Impact Development (LID). With increased water circulation, it can reduce flooding, micro dust emission, and noise. Road structures with Elastopave can also help reduce the risk of aquaplaning and black icing for vehicles. Elastopave is now used in pedestrian zones, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, parking, and side roads.

The main structure of the model house is frames produced from BASF’s pultruded polyurethane. Owing to the material’s high strength, reduced heat loss properties, the frames are less likely to crack as compared to traditional Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ones.

Design flooring made of Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethane also provides a highly transparent surface layer for facility owners.

Innovative solutions for reliable power supply and construction safety

Along with the model house, other BASF’s solutions, including the ultra-light BoldurTM PU composite utility poles and safety shoes, will also be displayed at CHINAPLAS.

For reliable power distribution, utility poles made with BASF’s Elastolit® PU can stand firm in strong wind as well as in other natural disasters. They are also simpler and faster to install even in remote areas. Embedded poles used as covering for power distribution are produced with Ultramid® PA, making them highly durable and fire resistant. Additionally, road poles made with Elastollan TPU, produced by Japanese manufacturer NTW, offer increased safety, with higher bend-tolerance and better wear resistance compared to traditional poles.

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