SONGWON Starts Up Technical Service Coating Lab
2019-11-13    []

SONGWON Industrial Group started up its Technical Service Coating Lab at its manufacturing facility, Maeam in South Korea, for powder and liquid coating applications.

Located next to SONGWON’s R&D headquarters and Global Application Community means that the organization can take advantage of the innovation synergy.

With several newly added weathering devices, SONGWON is equipped to support customers develop and find solutions to formulation issues relating to UV and temperature stabilization, as well as UV curing.

SONGWON’s new Technical Service Laboratory has the benefit of testing the new molecules the R&D team is developing and screening their performances based on the different binders and formulation types that the customers in specific industries are using.

“Since this summer, we have already started working with several of our key customers to find the best packages to fit their needs and their applications,” said Rosanna Telesca, leader of the Market Center Coatings. “Our new Technical Service Laboratory will also be helping us to create value for our customers by boosting the technical developments of a new molecule, a new blend or even a new physical form for an existing product.”

SONGWON’s blending facilities in Suwon, South Korea has started producing multiple ingredient-blends, using the organization’s best performing UVAs and HALS.

SONGWON offers both standard and customized stabilization packages (e.g. blended according to a customer recipe) from its Suwon facility and by decreasing the complexity and the number of steps required in formulation and preparation, customers also profit from immediate ready-for-use solutions such as the SONGSORB CS B Blends.

Additionally, Hu Zhengyu, sales manager, BU Specialty Chemicals, will join Songwon Chemical Co., Ltd.

“Hu’s 20+ years of experience in the coatings, ink and adhesives industry will be key to supporting our customers as well as developing a high performing distribution channel to serve the whole Coating Industry in the region,” said Telesca. 


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