Construction of Polyurethane Panel Factory to Start in Zivinice – Disk Company to Invest BAM 15 Million and Employ Around 60 People
2021-01-18    []

The construction of a factory of polyurethane panels, which will employ around 60 workers, should start soon in the new business zone Ciljuge 2 in Zivinice.

– The investment is worth around BAM 15 million. We have already carried out the preparations for the construction of the hall, the project is done, we have signed the agreements, so we plan to finalize the investment by the end of 2021 and to start the production as soon as early 2022 – explains Mirza Selimovic, a representative of the company Disk Zivinice.

Parallel with the development of new industrial zones, the city authorities strive to upgrade the operations in the existing ones as well, such as the zone Maline, formed around 15 years ago. The construction of the waterworks is in progress and the sewer problem should also be solved in cooperation with the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– As the experts like to say, it doesn’t follow some new norms. According to our estimate, some 65% of the business entities in Zivinice operate in the business zone Maline, and it has still not been adapted to its purpose – said Safet Dervisevic, an entrepreneur from Zivinice.

The City Administration says that their end-goal is to support the founding of as many small and medium enterprises through these business zone and to promote Zivinice as a city of big investment opportunities and a healthy business environment with a developed partnership between the real and the public sector, TV Federalna reports.

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