BASF extends contracts with Air Liquide over long term in South Korea
2021-01-25    [Source:www.chemicals-technology]

Industrial gases supplier Air Liquide has signed a contract with German chemical firm BASF to extend their existing agreements over the long term.

Signed in South Korea’s Yeosu National Industrial Complex, the contract extension strengthens the long-term relationship between the two companies.

Last year, Air Liquide commissioned its fourth hydrogen and carbon monoxide unit in the Yeosu industrial complex.

This plant is aimed at increasing the contractual volumes dedicated to BASF by 20%.
Two decades ago, Air Liquide signed its first contract with BASF in Yeosu and has since then expanded its industrial footprint in the basin.

The newest hydrogen and carbon monoxide plant was designed and built by Air Liquide’s Engineering and Construction unit.

Air Liquide Group Asia-Pacific Executive Committee supervising member Francois Abrial said: “We are pleased to strengthen our long-term partnership with BASF, a leading global company and long-standing strategic customer of the Group, by extending and expanding further our collaboration in the Yeosu basin.

“This major contract is a demonstration of BASF’s trust and confidence in Air Liquide to create value and deliver long-term performance to our customers.”

The latest facility is fully integrated with Air Liquide’s three other units through its 40km pipeline supply network in Yeosu.

Air Liquide claimed that the facility ensures the highest level of safety, reliability, efficiency and flexibility to its customers.

The company further stated that its industrial setup has been recognised by BASF and, as a result, the latter extended the existing contracts with the industrial gases supplier over the long term.

In February last year, Air Liquide signed three new long-term contracts with BASF for work in the Antwerp basin, Belgium.

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