World’s First Chemically Recycled Powder Coating Material Successfully Commercialized

PUdaily | Updated: January 5, 2023

Entis and Chokwang Paint have joined forces to produce powder coating materials using waste plastic.

Entis announced that the two companies will launch POWLAC PE, a powder coating material made via a chemical plastic recycling technology for the first time in the world. Entis produces and supplies the polyester resin ECOCRYL as the chemically recycled raw material, which Chokwang Paint then uses to produce powder coating materials.

ECOCRYL, the polyester resin for powder coating developed by Entis, is a chemically recycled material and exhibits the same physical properties as conventional products. Much of the industry is focused on the fact that Entis and Chokwang Paint is opening a new horizon for eco-friendly paints by expanding chemical recycling from plastics to the paint industry.

Entis is a joint venture established by SK Chemicals and Allnex. Chokwang Paint is currently focused on expanding its portfolio, having recently succeeded in developing eco-friendly products such as water-based paint for railway vehicles and bio-UV paint that have recently obtained certifications at home and abroad.

Chokwang Paint plans to expand the application of chemical recycling to a series of POWLAC paints, starting with the production of the POWLAC PE powder coating material.

"Recently, the importance of realizing a sustainable business model through an ESG management system has been increasing in the paint industry. We plan to secure future competitiveness through the continuous research and development of eco-friendly technologies and the expansion of our brand portfolio," stated Seong-a Yang, CEO of Chokwang Paint.

“Chemical recycling is attracting attention as a solution for solving plastic's environmental problems,” added Hak-seong Kim, CEO of Entis. “We will strive to establish a circular plastic ecosystem to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society." 




Source: Coatings World

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