AkzoNobel Launches PurStock Series Wood Finishes

PUdaily | Updated: May 25, 2023

OEM manufacturers in the wood component industry, focusing on kitchen and bathroom cabinetry production, can look forward to lower costs, increased throughput and pain-free production, due to AkzoNobel’s new PurStock Series.

As the company’s first coating system specifically formulated for stock component production, the PurStock Series is designed to help manufacturers reduce or maintain finish costs, without sacrificing finish quality. Components finished using the PurStock system will pass KCMA finish standards, helping manufacturers meet the industry’s quality expectations initially and over time.

The PurStock Series comprises a complete portfolio of products: primer, enamel, clear and catalyst components to meet diverse production line and finish requirements. No new equipment or special techniques are required, so there is no interruption to production and no additional investment required, helping to optimize operational efficiency and increase throughput.

The seamless integration of the PurStock system into the finish process minimizes any inconvenience and fuss during conversion and ensures productivity targets can be met or exceeded, while its versatile drying and curing capabilities can be fine-tuned to suit specific regulatory and production needs.

In addition, the system can be applied via a variety of spray application methods, further enhancing operational efficiency and turnaround times. A pot-life up to eight hours helps manufacturers reduce waste.

“As a global leader in industrial wood coatings, we have provided innovative solutions to common and complex finishing problems for over 200 years,” said Ted Rhee, regional commercial director, Wood Finishes, Americas, AkzoNobel. “Our R&D and technical service professionals ensure we are constantly looking for new ideas and ways of finishing. We recognize that ‘off the shelf’ is an attractive choice for consumers looking for flexible interior spaces that can be installed over the weekend. At the same time, finish and performance remains crucial. Our PurStock Series brings together all these factors in a single system that will benefit OEM manufacturers and their customers.”




Source: AkzoNobel 

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