Chemours to Increase Capacity of Opteon Low-GWP Blowing Agent

PUdaily | Updated: May 29, 2023

The Chemours Company (“Chemours”), a global chemistry company with leading market positions in Titanium Technologies, Thermal & Specialized Solutions, and Advanced Performance Materials, on May 25 announced a capacity investment in its low global warming potential (GWP) Opteon™ 1100 foam blowing agent and Opteon™ SF33 specialty fluid. The expansion will triple capacity of the ultra-low GWP, hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) solution, enabling customers and value chain partners to meet the escalating demand for sustainable and efficient HFO-1336mzzZ-based fluids.

Chemours has entered into an agreement with Zhejiang Juhua Group, Ltd. to produce the additional volume of HFO-1336mzzZ. Chemours expects startup to begin in late 2025, followed by full-scale production in early 2026.

“Our customers utilize Opteon™ 1100 and Opteon™ SF33 to deliver superior performance in a variety of critical applications. Chemours is excited to meet the growing business needs of our customers with low GWP products that support the health and sustainability of our planet,” said Joseph Martinko, President of Thermal & Specialized Solutions at Chemours. “As consumers and regulators around the globe seek step-change reductions in CO2 emissions, access to this technology will contribute to achieving both sustainability and performance targets across construction, electronics, appliance, critical cleaning, carrier fluid, and many other applications.”

Chemours offers a portfolio of products based on HFO-1336mzzZ that are more environmentally friendly than non-HFO alternatives. These products offer added benefits of thermal and shelf-life stability, nonflammability, low boiling point, and formulation flexibility. Moreover, the chemical formulation provides foam producers with additional insulation value, more precise application control and a wider application window.

Zhejiang Juhua Group, Ltd. engages in the production and sales of fluorochemical materials, fine fluorochemicals, basic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides, and other chemical related products.

Source: Chemours

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