Evonik Introduces TEGO Rad 2550 Slip and Defoamer Additive

PUdaily | Updated: June 9, 2023

Evonik's Coating Additives business line is expanding its TEGO Rad range of tailored silicone acrylates with a new radically crosslinkable defoaming slip additive.

The new TEGO Rad 2550 is a clear, low viscosity liquid that effectively reduces static and dynamic surface tension in both conventional UV- and LED-cured formulations.

Key attributes include low coefficient of friction (COF), high scratch resistance, good defoaming and the ability to create hydrophobic surfaces.

“Due to its unique property profile, TEGO® Rad 2550 is truly an excellent additive for the formulation of matte coatings, pigmented inks, and roller-applied wood top-coats,” said Courtney Thurau, head of Evonik’s Global Market Segment for Printing Inks.

Acrylated products are the coating industry’s first choice for minimizing migration and obtaining very pronounced, long-lasting effects. TEGO Rad 2550 is just one of the latest products in Evonik’s TEGO Rad portfolio of silicone acrylates that offer formulators a complete toolbox of solutions to ensure top performance in paints and coatings.

These additives for radiation-curing inks and coatings can improve the flow and leveling and optical appearance, prevent cratering, and allow formulators to create products with the desired level of slip and flow. Choosing TEGO® Rad products with a higher or lower number will result in a different level of slip and compatibility, giving customers more precision in their formulations.

“TEGO® Rad products offer tailored, cross-linkable performance. For inks and coatings formulators, this means great long-term effectiveness in the final product, high resource-efficiency and a sustainable solution compared to alternative technologies,” said Thurau.




Source: Evonik

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