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The office closure decision comes in the wake of the Shanghai Municipal Government policy to control the COVID-19 pandemic which has mushroomed across the city in the past few weeks.
If you need any service or have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us. We will respond at our earliest.
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Impact Analysis of U.S. Excise Tax Imposed on TDI, PO and Other Chemicals
Analysis of Southeast Asia Isocyanates Imports in May 2022
Shandong Longhua New Material’s 360kt/A High-Performance Polyether Polyols Expansion Project Was Completed And Put Into Operation
China's PMDI Exports to Europe VS European Construction Performance
Development Status and Prospect Analysis of Vietnam Furniture Manufacturing Industry
On June 24, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service announced that it had prescribed tax rates for 121 taxable substances that are subject to the Superfund chemical excise tax imposed by the Internal Revenue Code. The code provides for the tax rates to be imposed on suppliers and importers of taxable chemicals, or enterprises that sell or use taxable chemicals.
Southeast Asian countries have extensive demand for various isocyanate raw materials in the downstream sectors such as automobiles, home appliances, furniture, construction, shoes and clothing......
Shandong Longhua New Material announced that the company’s 360kt/a high-performance polyether polyols expansion project has been completed on June 20. After the commissioning from June 20th to 29th, all production lines of the expansion project have run smoothly and successfully produced qualified products......
Construction is the main downstream sector of polymeric MDI in Europe. European Real Estate -- 2021: Affected by low interest rates, loose monetary policies, and stimulus measures in some countries, house prices in Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries moved up. And the performance of real estate industry was healthy or even robust. Besides, factors such as urbanization and healthy household finances also contributed to the development of European real estate and related construction industries...
Furniture manufacturing is one of Vietnam's mainstay industries. Compared with China, Vietnam has many advantages in exporting furniture products......

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