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China PPG Weekly Report 20210712-20210716
July 20, 2021    [Source:PUdaily]

Market Overview

Flexible Polyols

China slab polyols market continues to rise. The PO price continues to rise due to tight spot supply because certain major PO manufacturers have yet to recover their operations. For fear of further price increase, polyether polyols manufacturers actively make purchases. Meanwhile, cautious about receiving orders, they are loath to sell. Thus feel-good factors exist in the market. The prevailing quotes in Shandong market stand at RMB 17,300-18,500/ton EXW in bulk in cash. And those in South China and East China stand at RMB 18,300-18,800/ton DEL in bulk in cash.

Flexible High Resilience Polyols

Spot prices...

Downstream industry...

Suppliers’ Quotes ...

China Polyether Polyols Facilities Dynamics...

Upstream Feedstocks Analysis...

Imports and Exports Analysis ...

Market Outlook...

China HR polyols market continues to rise. Quotes for 330N in Shandong and North China markets stand at RMB 17,700-18,000/ton EXW in bulk in cash. Those in East China market are RMB 18,800-19,400/ton DEL in drum in cash.


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