Asia-Pacific MDI Market Research Report 2022

Asia-Pacific region mentioned in this report covers China, Southeast Asia, India, Japan and South Korea



The global MDI capacity has reached 9.74 million metric tons in 2021 and is expected to remain unchanged in 2022. As for the global MDI consumption, it was around 7.86 million metric tons in 2021 and growth is estimated to be about 3% in 2022. In the first three quarters of 2022, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and related sanctions, Covid-19 pandemic and the Federal Reserve’s monetary tightening, which had a huge impact on international economics and trade, energy and finance. The risk of global stagflation has increased significantly. The sharp rise of production cost combined with the contraction of demand makes the MDI industry face severe challenges. PUdaily’s Asia-Pacific MDI Market Research Report 2022 mainly concentrates in Asia Pacific market and gives an in-depth interpretation of supply-demand pattern, market price movement, costs and profits, potential growth, industry opportunities and potential threats, technological innovations, etc. The report would assist users to target the growing segments over the coming years, thereby aiding the stakeholders in taking informed decisions and facilitating their expansions.


1.1 Global Macroeconomic Environment 1.1.1 Global GDP 1.1.2 Global PMI 1.1.3 Global Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) Asia-Pacific Macroeconomic Environment 1.2.1 China Macroeconomic Environment China GDP China PMI China CCI China Export Trade Environment China Export Trade Review 2022 Impact of China Export Trade Environment on TDI Industry Chain in 2022 China Export Trade Outlook 2023 The Impact of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) on China’s TDI industry 1.2.2 Southeast Asia Macroeconomic Environment Southeast Asia GDP Southeast Asia PMI 1.2.3 India Macroeconomic Environment India GDP India PMI 1.2.4 Japan Macroeconomic Environment Japan GDP Japan PMI 1.2.5 South Korea Macroeconomic Environment South Korea GDP South Korea PMI

2.1 MDI Products Introduction 2.1.1 Polymeric MDI 2.1.2 Monomeric MDI 2.1.3 MDI-50 2.1.4 Liquified MDI 2.1.5 Modified MDI 2.1.6 Mainstream MDI Product Grades 2.2 MDI Production Process and Technology Development 2.2.1 MDI Production Process 2.2.2 MDI and Circular Economy under the Dual-carbon Strategy Zero-carbon MDI Rigid Polyurethane Foam Recycling Bio-based Polyurethane

3.1 Global MDI Supply 3.1.1 Global Major MDI Suppliers Wanhua Chemical BASF Covestro Huntsman DOW Sadara Tosoh KMCI Karun 3.1.2 Global MDI Capacity Review 2018-2022 3.1.3 Global MDI Capacity Outlook 2023-2027 Global MDI Projects (Proposed/Under Construction) and Progress Global MDI Capacity Outlook 2023-2027 3.1.4 Global MDI Output Outlook 2023-2027 3.2 Global MDI Demand 3.2.1 Global MDI Demand Review 2018-2022 3.2.2 Global Major MDI Downstream Industries 2018-2022 3.2.3 Global MDI Demand Outlook in Main Regions 2023-2027 Global PMDI Demand Outlook by Regions 2023-2027 Global MMDI Demand Outlook by Regions 2023-2027

4.1 Asia-Pacific MDI Supply Review and Outlook 4.2 Asia-Pacific MDI Demand Review and Outlook

5.1 China MDI Supply 5.1.1 China MDI Capacity 2018-2022 5.1.2 China MDI Output by Suppliers 2018-2022 5.1.3 China MDI Output by Products 2018-2022 5.2 China MDI Import and Export 5.2.1 China PMDI Imports 2018-2022 5.2.2 China PMDI Exports 2018-2022 5.2.3 China MMDI Imports 2018-2022 5.2.4 China MMDI Exports 2018-2022 5.3 China MDI Demand 5.3.1 China MDI Demand Review 2018-2022 5.3.2 PMDI China PMDI Demand Review 2018-2022 Home Appliances (Refrigerators, Freezers, Water Heaters, etc.) Reefer Container Construction (Panel, Spray PU Foam, Pipelines) Automobiles Woodbinder OCF Adhesives and Sealants Others 5.3.3 MMDI China MMDI Demand Review 2018-2022 TPU PU Resin for Shoe Sole PU Resin for Synthetic Leather Spandex 5.3.4 MDI-50 China MDI-50 Demand Review 2018-2022 China MDI-50 Downstream Industries in 2022 5.3.5 Liquified MDI China Liquified MDI Demand Review 2018-2022 5.3.6 China MDI Demand Market Outlook China PMDI Demand Outlook 2023-2027 China MMDI Demand Outlook 2023-2027 5.4 China MDI Market Price and Profit 5.4.1 China MDI Market Price China PMDI Market Price Trend 2018-2022 China MMDI Market Price Trend 2018-2022 China MDI-50 Market Price Trend 2018-2022 China Liquified MDI Market Price Trend 2018-2022 5.4.2 China MDI Supplier Prices (List price, Settlement price, etc.) 5.4.3 China MDI Feedstock Market Price 5.4.4 China MDI Production Cost and Profit 5.5 China MDI Market Price Forecast 2023 5.6 China MDI Distributor 5.6.1 China PMDI Distributor 5.6.2 China MMDI Distributor 5.6.3 China MDI-50 Distributor

6.1 PMDI 6.1.1 Southeast Asia PMDI Demand Review 2018-2022 6.1.2 Southeast Asia PMDI Downstream Industries 2022 6.1.3 Southeast Asia PMDI Demand Outlook 2023 6.1.4 Southeast Asia PMDI Market Price Review and Forecast 2022-2023 6.2 MMDI 6.2.1 Southeast Asia MMDI Demand Review 2018-2022 6.2.2 Southeast Asia MMDI Downstream Industries in 2022 6.2.3 Southeast Asia MMDI Demand Outlook 2023 6.2.4 Southeast Asia MMDI Market Price Review and Forecast 2022-2023

7.1 PMDI 7.1.1 India PMDI Demand Review 2018-2022 7.1.2 India PMDI Downstream Industries 2022 7.1.3 India PMDI Demand Outlook 2023 7.1.4 India PMDI Market Price Review and Forecast 2022-2023 7.2 MMDI 7.2.1 India MMDI Demand Review 2018-2022 7.2.2 India MMDI Downstream Industries in 2022 7.2.3 India MMDI Demand Outlook 2023 7.2.4 India MMDI Market Price Review and Forecast 2022-2023

8.1 Japan MDI Outputs Review 2018-2022 8.2 Japan MDI Imports and Exports 2018-2022 8.3 Japan MDI Demand Review 2022 8.4 Japan MDI Demand Outlook 2023

9.1 South Korea MDI Outputs Review 2018-2022 9.2 South Korea MDI Imports and Exports 2018-2022 9.3 South Korea MDI Demand Review 2022 9.4 South Korea MDI Demand Outlook 2023

Chapter X Research Methodology
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