China ADI Market Research Report 2022



PUdaily’s China ADI Market Research Report 2022 focuses on Chinese market and mainly analyzes HDI and IPDI products. The report conducts in-depth study on global and Chinese HDI and IPDI supply, Chinese consuming market, costs and profitability, and sales tactics and future prospects of Chinese manufacturers. Besides, it provides comprehensive analysis of HDI and IPDI prices in Asia, with a focus on the Chinese market. The report would assist users to target the growing segments over the coming years, thereby aiding the stakeholders in taking informed decisions and facilitating their expansions.


1.1 ADI Overview 1.1.1 ADI Properties 1.1.2 Main Application Industries of ADI 1.1.3 Main ADI Products HDI IPDI HMDI 1.2 ADI Process and Technology 1.2.1 HDI 1.2.2 IPDI 1.2.3 HMDI

2.1 Introduction to HDI 2.1.1 HDI Overview 2.1.2 HDI Process and Technology 2.1.3 HDI Classification 2.1.4 HDI Raw Materials ADN HDA 2.2 Global HDI Market Overview 2.2.1 Introduction to Global HDI Suppliers Covestro BASF Vencorex Wanhua Chemical Group Tosoh Asahi Kasei 2.2.2 Global HDI Capacity Statistics 2018-2022 (Monomer and Curing Agent) 2.2.3 Global HDI Consumption Overview 2.3 China HDI Market Supply-Demand Pattern and Price Trend Analysis 2.3.1 China HDI Capacity Statistics 2018-2022 2.3.2 China HDI Output Statistics 2022 2.3.3 China HDI Import and Export Statistics 2022 2.3.4 China HDI Consumption Statistics 2022 2.3.5 Analysis of China HDI Price Trend and Influencing Factors 2.4 China HDI Downstream Market Analysis 2.4.1 China HDI Downstream Market Overview 2022 2.4.2 China Automotive Coating Industry Overview 2022 2.4.3 China Industrial Protective Coating Industry Overview 2022 2.4.4 China Wood Coating Industry Overview 2022 2.4.5 China Marine Protective Coating Industry Overview 2022 2.5 China HDI Market Forecast 2.5.1 China HDI Capacity Forecast 2023-2027 China Proposed HDI Projects Statistics 2023-2027 2.5.2 China HDI Consumption Forecast 2023-2027

3.1 Introduction to IPDI 3.1.1 IPDI Overview 3.1.2 IPDI Classification 3.1.3 IPDI Raw Materials 3.2 Global IPDI Market Overview 3.2.1 Introduction to Global IPDI Suppliers Covestro BASF Vencorex Evonik Wanhua Chemical Group 3.2.2 Global IPDI Capacity Statistics 2018-2022 3.2.3 Global IPDI Consumption Overview 3.3 China IPDI Market Supply-Demand Pattern and Price Trend Analysis 3.3.1 China IPDI Capacity Statistics 2018-2022 3.3.2 China IPDI Output Statistics 2022 3.3.3 China IPDI Consumption Statistics 2022 3.3.4 Analysis of China IPDI Price Trend and Influencing Factors 3.4 China IPDI Downstream Market Analysis 3.4.1 Surface Treatment Industry 3.4.2 Coating Industry 3.4.3 Polyurethane Elastomer Industry 3.4.4 Adhesive Industry 3.4.5 Ink Industry 3.5 China IPDI Market Forecast 3.5.1 China IPDI Capacity Forecast 2023-2027 China Proposed IPDI Projects Statistics 2023-2027 3.5.2 China IPDI Consumption Forecast 2023-2027

Chapter VI Research Methodology
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