PPG Announced Major Expansion of Its PPG FLOORING Concrete Coatings Offering

PUdaily | Updated: May 18, 2023

PPG announced a major expansion of its PPG FLOORING concrete coatings offering. The expanded range comprises integrated systems of primers, base and topcoats for environments that require electrostatic protection, for equipment mechanical rooms and for applications where a combination of high performance and ultra-fast return to service is essential.

“From everyday commercial and industrial concrete floors to highly specialized applications such as data centers, food processing facilities and amusement parks, PPG now provides a coating solution that can deliver optimum protection,” said Michael Masorli, PPG director, resinous flooring, U.S. and Canada, Protective and Marine Coatings. “With the expanded PPG Flooring offering, contractors and facility managers can be confident they are getting professionally engineered solutions and technical support to suit their unique operating environment.”

All PPG Flooring coating systems are durable and easy to install and clean. The new systems are also optimized for especially challenging applications including:

• Dissipative and conductive flooring: For environments where electrostatic discharge is a hazard such as electronics manufacturing facilities, data centers or operating rooms, PPG offers a three-coat electrostatic protection system – an epoxy primer, an electrostatic dissipative grounding plane and a choice of topcoats for additional chemical and wear protection.
• Mechanical equipment room (MER) Flooring: The PPG MER system comprises an epoxy primer, waterproofing membrane and two-component topcoat to provide the combined resistance to moisture, temperature, chemicals and vibration these environments require.
• Ultra-fast Cure Flooring: For restaurants, amusement parks and other environments where overnight service is essential, the PPG methyl methacrylate system of primer, binder resin and sealer provides strong bonding with excellent water and chemical resistance in hours.

These options expand on PPG’s existing flooring coatings systems – general purpose, wear resistant, chemical resistant and urethane cement – which also deliver specific benefits such as resistance to impact, abrasion and certain chemicals.

“A key PPG goal is to provide innovative solutions to address our customers’ greatest needs,” Masorli said. “With these important additions to our PPG Flooring line, combined with the support that PPG’s technical sales team can offer through our stores and dealers, we’re confident that we can meet the performance needs of almost any customer with quick, easy specification.”




Source: PPG

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