PUdaily's Latest - China Monthly Market Price Forecast for TDI, MDI & Polyether Polyols

PUdaily | Updated: April 25, 2024

PUdaily, a leading provider of polyurethane (PU) industry insights and market intelligence based in China, has announced the release of its new report portfolio, focusing on the monthly market price forecast for Polymeric MDI (PMDI), Monomeric MDI (MMDI), Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI) and Flexible Slabstock Polyols in China. These comprehensive reports aim to provide businesses with valuable market intelligence to help them navigate the dynamic PU market in China.

The new report portfolio offers a detailed analysis of the market dynamics, supply and demand balance, production cost, and other key factors shaping the market price for PMDI, MMDI, TDI and Flexible Slabstock Polyols in China. The reports leverage PUdaily's extensive research capabilities and industry expertise to deliver accurate and timely market intelligence.

"We are excited to introduce this new report portfolio to the market," commented Guowen Cheng, CEO at PUdaily. "Our team has put in a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that these reports provide accurate and timely data, coupled with deep insights into the market dynamics. We believe that this will be a valuable resource for polyurethanes industry players who care about the Chinese polyurethane market, enabling them to make informed decisions and seize growth opportunities."

The PMDI market price forecast report, for instance, delves into the intricate industry chain dynamics: 

Market Outlook and Trends

The report begins by providing a snapshot of the current market situation in China. It delves into the latest market statistics, including supply and demand figures, production volumes, and export/import trends. 

Demand Dynamics in Key Industries

The demand for PMDI from various end-user industries remains a pivotal factor in the market. PUdaily closely monitors the growth trends in sectors like refrigerators, wood binders and the construction sector, etc.

Supply Chain Analysis

The intricate dance between supply and demand is crucial in understanding the PMDI market. Manufacturers' production capacities, distribution strategies, and the overall demand trends are carefully analyzed.

Raw Material Cost Fluctuations

Raw material costs, particularly those of benzene and aniline, play a pivotal role in determining PMDI prices. PUdaily remains vigilant in monitoring these markets to anticipate any potential price shifts that could significantly alter the cost structure of PMDI.

Seasonality and Facility Maintenance

Seasonal trends and scheduled maintenance of MDI facilities will be discussed. Understanding these cycles is essential to predicting supply fluctuations and their potential impact on prices.

Similarly, the MMDI, TDI and Flexible Slabstock Polyols reports offer insights into the latest trends and developments in above segments, providing a holistic view.

PUdaily's reports are backed by rigorous data collection and analysis, ensuring that clients receive accurate and actionable insights. The reports are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses operating in the PU industry, whether they are manufacturers, traders or end use buyers.

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