Paramount, Mitsui and Rever Launch Chemical Recycling Demonstration for PU Mattress

PUdaily | Updated: September 6, 2023

Paramount Bed Co., Ltd., Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and Rever Corporation announced that the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has selected their initiative aimed at the chemical recycling of polyurethane in mattresses for inclusion in the MOE’s FY2023 Project to Encourage Construction of Decarbonized Circular Economy Systems. Following a call for submissions, the scheme has been adopted in the category for demonstration projects aimed at constructing plastic recycling processes and reducing CO2 emissions.

1. Background
Chemical companies overseas are already working on polyurethane recycling efforts, including the construction of a value chain and the establishment of consortiums for recycling mattresses requiring disposal. They are also exploring new techniques and technologies for using polyurethane as a recycled material.

In Japan, however, the polyurethane in mattresses is collected as waste and most is disposed of by incineration. The difficulty of processing mattresses containing materials other than polyurethane, such as polyester and metal springs, makes their disposal expensive for local governments and business operators generating industrial waste. In addition, growing demand for home care beds in Japan’s aging society is forecast to increase the number of mattresses sent for disposal.

2. Purpose
Paramount Bed manufactures and sells beds and mattresses, while Mitsui Chemicals manufactures, sells and researches polyurethane materials and Rever undertakes recycling. As such, the three partners in this initiative aim to establish a recycling system covering everything through to low-carbon chemical recycling technology and collection. More specifically, the three companies plan to develop low-carbon technologies and processes for the chemical recycling and disposal of used mattresses over the course of this demonstration project, which is set to run until February 2025.

The partners also intend to work on creating a scheme for collecting used mattresses that have been reused as part of rental services covered under the nursing care insurance system. Aims are to achieve this by tapping into the wide area certification system*2 under which Paramount Bed has been certified.

3. Roles of each company and recycling model

Recycling model

Examples of Paramount Bed mattresses eligible for collection




Source: Mitsui Chemical

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