Mitsui Chemicals Adds TDI to Its New Bio-petchem Products

PUdaily | Updated: November 15, 2023

Mitsui Chemicals said on 13 November that it has acquired the certificate in October, so it can manufacture TDI, a feedstock of polyurethane, by using biomass-based naphtha bought from Finland-based refiner Neste. TDI is Mitsui Chemicals' 38th petrochemical product with ISCC Plus certificates including ethylene, propylene, benzene, polypropylene compounds and bisphenol A.

The company decided to optimize TDI production by reducing output capacity at its Omuta plant from 120,000 t/yr to 50,000 t/yr by July 2025. It also halted TDI production at its 117,000 t/yr Kashima plant in December 2016, citing increased competition and reduced profitability. Omuta is now the only site producing Mitsui Chemicals' TDI.

Mitsui Chemicals has attempted to enhance production of environmentally-friendly goods by boosting bio-petrochemical goods production and developing new areas like establishing ammonia and hydrogen supply chains, while exploring electrification of naphtha cracking.

Fellow Japnese petrochemical producers have also accelerated their decarbonization efforts. Mitsubishi Chemical acquired ISCC Plus certificates for its methyl methacrylate monomer and methyl methacrylate produced at its Hiroshima plant in July, allowing it to supply the bio-feedstock or recycled-feedstock based products.




Source: Argus

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